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At Sanctuary Dental we believe that the body must be treated as a whole. It is a holistic approach.
We believe that it is necessary to treat infection and inflammation in the mouth, because this has a direct effect on the rest of your body.
We aim to restore the function of your dental system so that you are able to chew your food well, because digestion starts in the mouth! You need to absorb the nutrients and vitamins from your food for your body to function well.

We are mercury amalgam free and we consider the biocompatibility of all the materials we use.
We are able to help you with the way you present yourself to the world….your smile! Whether it is by straightening crowded teeth (without removing teeth!) or whitening discoloured teeth, you will be surprised with the solutions we can offer you!
Our dentists offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments at our practice located in Botany, Auckland.

Unit 20, 2 Bishop Dunn Place Flat Bush 2016

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