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Our philosophy ‘healthy mouths, beautiful smiles’ is the foundation principle of our practice, where we believe that a beautiful smile cannot be achieved unless we have healthy gums and teeth which are free of dental decay and gum disease. Using this philosophy our dental team delivers latest cosmetic procedures and general dental treatment in a relaxing environment with caring attentive service. Quality care made easy with your local dentist in Blackburn, Melbourne

As a fast-growing dental practice with stylish and clean new facilities, state of the art technologies and a highly experienced and expert team, we are excited to be bringing a new dawn of dentistry to Blackburn and the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Passionate about what we do, at Healthy Smiles Dental Group we believe in helping our valued patients look after and make the most of their smiles with a choice of high quality treatments in the most affordable and convenient way possible.

152 Canterbury Road Blackburn South 3130

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