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Our collaboration offer

Our principal dentists have direct responsibility for managing the operations and performance of the dental clinic. The financial arrangements with principal dentists mean that they continue to share in the financial performance of the dental clinic in which they practice dentistry. We provide a range of support services to streamline the management of the clinic, allowing our dentists to focus on dentistry rather than administrative tasks.

When joining our network, principal dentists receive:

  • Realisation of value in their business: Bupa Dental Corporation (BDC) undertakes a valuation of the existing dental business and ensures we offer market competitive consideration for the purchase of their dental business and its assets.
  • Deferred consideration: a proportion of the value is paid over the first three years and is based on the profit performance of the dental clinic in which they operate their practice.
  • Incentive based financial arrangements: Principal dentists pay a fee to BDC for the provision of services and facilities to enable them to focus on the practice of dentistry and management at the dental clinic. Dentists are financially rewarded for growth in the revenue of the dental clinic overall (both from their own practice from directly seeing patients as well as from an attractive bonus structure for continuing to oversee the profitable growth of the clinic).
  • Continued clinical management and autonomy: Principal dentists will continue to operate their business with absolute clinical independence, provided they comply with all state and national legislation. They will manage the dental clinic on a day-to-day basis with support from BDC’s corporate teams.
  • Access to clinical and business management training: Teams are invited to take advantage of training and development opportunities, enabling the continued growth and efficient management of the dental clinic (CPD points may be available to retain registration).
  • Support services: BDC provides a comprehensive suite of payroll, accounts payable and financial reporting services to the dental clinic and to your individual practice, delivering comprehensive management information on a monthly basis.  In addition, consultative support is provided in areas like marketing, information services, human resources, operations and management, as appropriate and/or as requested by the principal dentist.


Support for your practice

Bupa Dental Corporation (BDC) offers a comprehensive range of support services for our dental professionals. Our experienced teams are here to provide consultative support as you request it and assist with the growth of the dental clinic, including your practice and streamlining of business operations for the dental clinic. We assign each dental clinic a dedicated consultant who will facilitate support for the dental clinic and your practice.

Our helpful team is always just a phone call away!

Our support services include but are not limited to:

Acounts Payable
Accounts Payable: Payment of Supplier Invoices


Payroll: Payment of Clinic Staff including Associate Dentists



Payments: Principal Dentist



Finance: Dental Clinic Reporting



Operations: Practice Support



Human Resource Support
Human Resource Support






Information Technology
Information Technology



Networking Training Developments
Networking, Training and Development



Supplier Puchasing System
Supplier Purchasing System


Benefits of joining the group: seven cornerstones to success

We believe that the key to long-term success is to ensure that principal dentists are satisfied professionally, intellectually and financially. Learn more about the innovative opportunities Bupa Dental Corporation (BDC) can provide.

1. Realise the equity you’ve created in your business.

Dental clinics create significant equity. However, this equity is sometimes hard to realise with fellow dentists who often opt to develop their own practices rather than purchase an existing one. BDC provides an opportunity for you to realise the equity you have created in your business.

2. Reap financial rewards as your practice and the dental clinic grows.

The financial arrangements for each dental clinic ensure that you enjoy financial reward for the revenue growth. BDC consultants are experts in the area of practice operations, using tools such as strategic workshops, seminars and various marketing programs offered by BDC to individual practices in conjunction with training and implementation support.

3. Focus on dentistry. Access to a comprehensive range of support services.

We let our dentists be dentists. We’re committed to working with our practitioners to support both the operations of the dental clinic and to make sure that they have the staff they need. We serve our dental clinics by providing payroll, accounts payable and financial reporting services along with consultative support in areas like information services, human resources, recruiting and marketing as appropriate and/or as requested by principal dentists. You’re free to operate your own individual practice and have control of the day-to-day management of the dental clinic.

4. Benefit from collaborative relationships with industry-leading clinicians.

We take a collaborative approach with our group. One of our priorities is facilitating development opportunities and networking events for our clinicians, allowing them to share their knowledge and experiences.

When joining BDC, you become a valued part of a large group of practitioners who share knowledge, experiences and stories regularly, giving you access to an enormous pool of shared knowledge and new friendships.

5. Take advantage of career development for you and your entire team.

We value continued professional development, knowledge sharing and up-to-date professional standing with an ethos based on lifelong learning for our team.

We provide access training and development events each year aimed at principal dentists, practice managers and other clinic staff in order to continually develop best practice skills and knowledge. These events include strategy workshops, practice management seminars and a diploma in business management qualification – just to name a few!

We also make sure that our dentists have access to various clinical courses.

6. Retain clinical and managerial independence.

We recognise and respect the skill and expertise necessary for building your practice into a successful dental business.

Our business model provides support and value for your own practice while allowing you to maintain your independence over the daily management of your practice and the dental clinic. Additionally, you benefit from our support services to grow and streamline the operations of the clinic, leaving you with more time to focus on dentistry and patients. Our support teams also provide access to competitive rates with non-dental suppliers for services such as telephone and website development.

7. Access convenient, efficient purchasing options.

We offer access to our online purchasing portal, which makes it easy to purchase all that a dental clinic needs, when you need it, from reputable suppliers. We believe in making sure all of our clinics have all of their purchasing needs met through simple systems from reputable suppliers.