Staff training and development are vital investments, especially when your business relies on your team’s communication skills.

Dental Corporation’s training and operations functions are serious about their commitment to lifelong learning for dentists, practice managers and all auxiliary staff. From facilitating networking opportunities and encouraging teamwork, through to developing leadership programs and enhancing patient experience, ongoing training and development is a crucial way in which Dental Corporation maintains its commitment to service excellence throughout Australia and New Zealand.

One particularly popular training and development initiative created by Dental Corporation is the Practice Managers Leadership Program. Specifically designed for practice managers, the course focuses on key management skills such as leadership, patient experience and team development – all of which are major building blocks in the creation of a successful and harmonious dental practice.

For Practice Manager, Katrina Miller from Face Value Dental, the program was extremely worthwhile. This was the first group practice manager course that Katrina had taken part in and it provided her with the opportunity to workshop with other practice managers and together discuss strategies on dealing with issues such as conflict resolution and trouble-shooting.

“I have personally developed in my role, specifically learning how to deal with providers and understanding how to negate risk and extinguish problems. Additionally, the program has changed the way that the team communicates with each other and with patients,” said Katrina.

Meanwhile, Carol Pachos, Practice Manager from Fresh Dental Care, feels she greatly benefited from the e-learning portal, which is a central domain of the Practice Managers Leadership Program.
“The e-learning component, provided as part of the program, was a huge support and nicely complemented the in-person workshops. The videos were very useful and I gained a lot of insight into how to manage people throughout the duration of the training.” said Carol.

For Carol, discovering how to use different terminology when communicating with patients and staff has resulted in an immediate change in her workplace efficiency.

“By having the right attitude and being open minded about trying a different approach I really saw a change. It’s a great example of how you can get great results from the application of good ideas and processes,” she added.
Additionally, Dental Corporation’s Associate Development Program has been designed specifically for Dental Corporation dentists with a strong focus on building business acumen, leadership skills and enhancing patient experience.

Dr Patricia Wong from Bligh Park Dental says that the Associate Development Program has aided her professional development. For Dr Wong, using the learnings from the initial communication seminar to present treatment options and help patients make informed decisions has been especially useful.

“As dentists, we are trained in a certain way and that way isn’t always the most effective for patient communication. Changing our own communication methods can be a big step, but once we practice it, it is very effective,” said Dr Wong.

Dental Corporation Practice Training Manager, Adriana Santibanez, says that employee improvement and engagement initiatives, such as the Practice Managers Leadership Program and the Associate Development Program, are vital for progressive companies.

“Dental Corporation ensures that each practice and its staff have access to leading edge information on how to make the most of their business and provide the best patient care.

“These initiatives mean that we stay at the forefront of patient services and provide the best quality dental treatments to our customers. We are proud to deliver these world-class training opportunities and will continue to enhance and tailor development programs to suit our employees’ needs,” Adriana said.

Dental Corporation is a major provider of dental services across Australia and New Zealand. Dental Corporation is committed to providing continual learning and development opportunities and excellent working conditions to ensure that Dental Corporation is an employer of choice in the dental industry.