Support for Your Practice

Dental Corporation offers a comprehensive range of support services to the dental clinic you manage and within which you conduct your dental practice. Our experienced team is here to provide consultative support as you request it and assist with the growth of the dental clinic including your practice and streamlining of business operations for the dental clinic. Our helpful team is always just a phone call away and each dental clinic has a dedicated Practice Consultant who will facilitate support for the dental clinic and your practice.

Our support services include, but are not limited to: 


Accounts Payable: Payment of Supplier Invoices

We make payment of all supplier invoices with a dedicated central Accounts Payable Team. Your practice team no longer needs to reconcile lengthy lists of accounts payable invoices. The practice continues to order supplies and check delivery as normal with Dental Corporation coordinating payment to all suppliers. The authorisation process by the practice is important to ensure that only valid expenses are paid and costed to the dental clinic.

We offer a central supplier enquiry line for any supplier to call directly should they wish to follow up on any details relating to payment of an invoice.

Payroll: Payment of Clinic Staff including Associate Dentists

We manage the payroll process for our dental clinics ensuring staff are paid accurately and appropriate records are kept including pay slips, and any superannuation and tax office payments made. You no longer need to worry about the time consuming process of paying staff.

Clinic support staff are generally paid by Dental Corporation on a weekly basis with the exception of salaried staff that are paid monthly.  All pay is made directly into their nominated bank accounts.

For staff paid on variable hours (wages), each clinic enters the hours for each staff member into an online payroll system each week. The Practice Manager or nominated person is trained on the system and approves payment amounts, can run reports relating to pay and leave balances.

Our Finance team takes care of calculating and processing the monthly payment to our Associate Dentists each month. Payments are made on the 15th of the month or the nearest business day prior. Our Finance team calculates the fees owing based on collection reports provided by the dental clinic and reconciles this with processed lab expenses to calculate the Associate Dentists’ pay. This information is then sent to each Practice Principal for management approval prior to processing the monthly payment. 

Payments: Principal Dentist

Our Finance team takes care of calculating and processing the monthly payment to be made by our Practice Principals to Dental Corporation for the provision of support services based on the revenue of the dental clinic. Payments are made on the 15th of the month or the nearest business day prior. Our Finance team calculates the fees owing based on collection reports provided by the dental clinic and reconciles this with processed lab expenses to calculate the facilities and services fee due to Dental Corporation. This information is then sent to each Practice Principal for approval prior to processing the monthly payment. This allows the Practice Principal to review the calculations before payment is made.

Finance: Dental Clinic Reporting

Our finance team prepares a monthly financial report showing the results for the dental clinic in which you conduct your practice and comparative analysis for you. The financial information is presented in an easy to understand format of figures and graphs allowing you to track performance over time. The report details the financial results for the month and current year to date against an agreed budget that is set during the acquisition process. Once you have been trading with Dental Corporation for one year or more, the financial report also includes a comparison of current year results against prior year results.

Operations: Practice Support

We have a dedicated team that is focused on the growth and development of our dental clinics. The team has extensive experience in all areas of practice management and practice development. Every practice that joins Dental Corporation is given the opportunity to partner with a practice consultant who will offer creative and innovative ways to help grow the dental clinic and the practices that operate within it.

The operations team commences their relationship with the practice prior to settlement to ensure a smooth transition into a Dental Corporation dental clinic. Post Integration, all clinics have the opportunity to attend and participate in a variety of strategic and development workshops that will support and assist dental clinics to implement strategies to take them to the next level.

Human Resource Support

Dental Corporation has a central Human Resources team to advise you in managing staff in the dental clinic in relation to employee entitlements, , training, recruitment and performance management processes. Dental Corporation also assists with managing occupational health and safety and workers compensation for staff working in the dental clinic.

The Human Resources team is able to assist with coordinating the recruitment of clinic staff and will provide information about potential candidates that become known to the group for you to consider.


Our Marketing team provides expert consultative support to our Practice Principals in the marketing of their practice and the dental clinic, including communication to clinic patients. We have developed various marketing programs, tools and templates for our Practice Principals to utilise including patient reactivation programs, new patient communication packs and website development.

You may choose to use many of these programs to help grow your practice and the other practices you manage at the dental clinic. We are available to provide advice, customise and develop marketing materials and initiatives that are unique to the needs of the practices conducted at the dental clinic.

Information Technology

We have a dedicated team of IT experts who work with the dental clinic and your individual practice in a consultative role, providing advice and assistance with your IT requirements. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • An annual IT review providing advice on minimum standards for effective IT in the dental clinic.

  • Assistance in dealing with IT providers to ensure the dental clinic is getting the products/services it requires and helping you understand the sometimes complicated IT products/services being provided.

  • Procurement of IT equipment and services for the dental clinic from preferred suppliers.

Our IT team is ready to provide you with sound and practical advice to deliver advantages to your practice through the use of IT.

Networking, Training and Development

We believe and invest in conferences, seminars and events to facilitate learning, networking and camaraderie across the group.

Our Practice Principals’ conference is run annually to provide a chance for our Practice Principals and their partners to network whilst participating in business seminars and various social activities.

A schedule of internal training programs for various staff is available as well as access to external programs all of which contribute to your continued professional development.

Recognising the expertise we have within our group we have established a program whereby any of our Practice Principals or Associates may express an interest in visiting another practitioner in the group to see how they operate their practice and / or perform specific procedures. We then facilitate this knowledge sharing.

Graduate Placement Program

We have established a Graduate Placement Program which offers dental graduates the opportunity to join Dental Corporation and be mentored in dental clinics throughout our group, gaining experience and working towards becoming an experienced and skilled Associate Dentist.

As a Practice Principal, you have the opportunity to mentor a graduate in the dental clinic where you conduct your practice and benefit from their growth as they become an experienced Associate Dentist adding to the performance of the dental clinic.

As the next generation of Associate Dentists and eventually Practice Principals, graduates are guided through the Graduate Placement Program and develop a long term career opportunity within Dental Corporation.

Dental Corporation is committed to its Graduate Placement Program, creating positions for graduate and junior dentists (with up to one year of post graduate experience) within existing Dental Corporation dental clinics across our group.

Supplier Purchasing System:

The Purchase Portal is Dental Corporation’s online web-shop which gives you access to major reputable suppliers of dental products under the one purchasing system. The Purchase Portal is a great tool to compare equivalent products from multiple suppliers to give you the opportunity to purchase at the best value.

Using the Purchase Portal provides:

  • ease of finding dental products to meet all of a dental clinic’s needs through our participating suppliers.

  • Time efficiency in ordering with a ‘one stop shop’ purchasing solution. This removes the need to shop around multiple suppliers and specials magazines to find the best prices.

  • Freedom from large quantity orders to get the best price, you are not locked in to large orders to access the best prices. 

  • A snapshot of what types of products you are ordering, giving you a history of your purchasing.

  • The ability to have a standard order that you can amend whenever you normally order, whilst also keeping track of all your historical orders.