The Process

We understand the decision to join Dental Corporation is substantial with many areas for consideration. To make the process as smooth as possible without interrupting your day to day business operations, we provide:

  1. An appropriate timeline to suit your personal and business situation. Our team will work with you to successfully complete the sale and transition process over a time period you are comfortable with. Generally once the heads of agreement is signed, it takes around six to eight weeks to settle if you own your premises. 
  2. Dedicated support throughout the negotiation, sale and transition process. Our expert team will be on hand to answer any questions you have throughout the process.
  3. Discretion and privacy to avoid creating anxiety among your existing staff we will organise meetings and site visits to suit your schedule and operating hours without interrupting your staff.

    There are 10 simple steps to joining the Dental Corporation group:

    1. Introductory meeting and site visit by a Dental Corporation representative
    2. Financial review and due diligence
    3. Valuation and pricing proposal
    4. Heads of Agreement signed (agreement on key commercial terms)
    5. Legal documentation prepared
    6. Pre-settlement planning (transition and integration steps)
    7. Visit by Practice Operations Coordinator
    8. Financial settlement
    9. First day in the group
    10. Post-settlement support (Induction Workshop and introduction to your Practice Consultant)

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