How long do I conduct my practice in a Dental Corporation dental clinic?

Our Practice Principals continue operating an individual dental practice winthin the dental clinic on a five year contract with the intention to renew at the end of the contract. We take the time to understand your personal situation and seek to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with all of our Practice Principals.

What are the operating hours?

The clinic hours remain the same as they are now. Any changes to your practice hours is your decision.

How do dental clinic staff get paid?

We engage the staff on Dental Corporation payroll and manage the payroll process for our dental clinics, ensuring staff are paid accurately and appropriate records are kept including pay slips, superannuation and tax office payments. You no longer need to worry about the time consuming process of paying staff.

Can I choose the materials and suppliers I use?

You can choose the materials and suppliers you use in your practice. As Dental Corporation has your practice's best interests in mind, we have negotiated deals with reputable suppliers which you can access with ease through an online Purchase Portal where you can purchase a comprehensive range of dental products at competitive prices.

What happens to my practice name?

Dental Corporation purchases your business and its assets, including the name of the dental clinic. The dental clinic will continue to operate under that clinic name immediately after the sale, accompanied by a “part of Bupa” logo. You conduct your practice at the dental clinic under the name of your choice. You maintain full control of the day-to-day operation of your individual practice at the dental clinic including your practice name.

How do I get paid?

Under the Dental Corporation business model, you will pay Dental Corporation for facilities and support services based on a percentage of revenue of the dental clinic at which you operate your practice. As you manage the clinic and conduct your individual practice at the clinic with support from Dental Corporation, Dental Corporation operates the dental clinic’s bank account as your agent and remits the balance to you. Our Finance team takes care of calculating and processing that payment each month. The payment information is then sent to you for approval prior to processing the monthly payment to Dental Corporation and the amount remitted to you.

What dental services does our network of dental clinics offer?

The Dental Corporation network of dental clinics offers a comprehensive range of generalist and specialist dental services including restorative, general, cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, prosthodontic, maxillofacial and oral surgery.

What happens to my existing marketing and advertising initiatives?

Our Marketing Team provides a comprehensive range of marketing initiatives at both the dental clinic and group level. You will have access to an expert Marketing Team to provide as much or as little support as you would like.

What happens to my existing staff?

We value the great team you have put together to build a successful practice. Your current staff will be offered employment for their roles in the dental clinic with Dental Corporation on terms and conditions that are no less favourable than pre-acquisition.

How is Dental Corporation related to Bupa?

Dental Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bupa. Bupa’s purpose is longer, healthier, happier lives. A leading healthcare group, Bupa provides health insurance and aged care services, as well as complementary healthcare services through Bupa Dental Corporation, Bupa Optical, Bupa Medical Visa Services, Bupa Medical Telehealth, Bupa Wellness and Bupa Medical GP Clinics. Bupa focuses on providing sustainable healthcare solutions that represent real value, and on leading the industry in the promotion of preventative health and wellness. Bupa’s Australian and New Zealand businesses are part of the international Bupa Group, which cares for more than 29 million people in over 190 countries.