Benefits of Joining the Group: 7 Cornerstones to Success

We recognise that the key to long term success is ensuring Practice Principals are satisfied professionally, intellectually and financially. Learn more about the innovative opportunities Dental Corporation’s business model can provide. Click on each benefit to view more information:


Realise the equity you have created in your business.

Dental practices create significant equity that is often hard to realise with fellow dentists who instead opt to develop their own practices rather than purchase an existing one. Dental Corporation provides an opportunity for you to realise the equity you have created in your business.

Reap financial rewards as your practice and the dental clinic grows.

The financial arrangements for each dental clinic ensure that you can be financially rewarded for the growth in the revenue of the dental clinic. Growth within individual practices that are part of a dental clinic is supported by Practice Consultants who are experts in the area of practice operations; using tools such as strategic workshops, seminars and various marketing programs that we offer to individual practices in conjunction with training and implementation support.

Focus on dentistry. Access to a comprehensive range of support services.

We let our dentists be dentists. We are committed to working with our practitioners to support both the operations of the dental clinic and help to make sure that the right staff are recruited. We serve our dental clinics by providing payroll, accounts payable and financial reporting services along with consultative support in the areas of IT, HR and marketing as appropriate and/or as requested by our Practice Principals. Practice Principals continue to operate their own individual practice and have control of the day-to-day management of the dental clinic. See our support services offered here.

Collaborative relationship with industry leading dentists.

We take a collaborative approach with our group, facilitating networking and professional development events for our Practice Principals to meet and share their knowledge and experiences. You become a valued part of a large group of industry leading dentists who share knowledge, experiences and stories regularly, accessing an enormous pool of shared knowledge and creating new friendships.

Professional development.

We place great value on continued professional development, knowledge sharing and up to date professional standing (CPD points to retain accreditation) with an ethos based on lifelong learning for our team. We provide access training and development events each year aimed at Practice Principals, Practice Managers and other clinic staff to continually develop best practice skills and knowledge. These include strategy workshops, practice management seminars, graduate programs and a diploma in business management qualification to name a few. We also make sure that our dentists have access to various clinical courses.

Retention of clinical and management independence.

We place great value on the skill and expertise it has taken for you to build your practice into a successful dental business and recognise that you want to maintain autonomy over what you have built. Our business model provides support and value for your own practice whilst allowing you to maintain your independence over the daily management of your practice and the dental clinic. At the same time you benefit from our support services to grow and streamline the operations of the clinic, leaving you with more time to focus on dentistry. Our support teams also provide access to competitive rates with non-dental suppliers for services such as telephony and website development.

Convenient access to purchasing.

We offer access to our online purchasing portal, which makes it easy to purchase all that a dental clinic needs, when you need it, from reputable suppliers. We believe in making sure all of our clinics have all of their purchasing needs met through simple systems from reputable suppliers to gain maximum benefit for all Dental Corporation clinics. We endeavour to engage with suppliers who are recognised and trusted in the industry as being highly credible and professional and make them all accessible to you in a single, easy to use Dental Corporation developed purchasing system called the Purchase Portal.

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