Collaboration Opportunities for Dentists

Collaborating with our group provides many significant benefits. Find out why dentists are embracing our business model and working with Dental Corporation.

Dental Corporation is one of the world's leading providers of services to dental clinics with strong international growth.

Dentists across all our regions continue to embrace our business model and the benefits it can provide Principal Dentists. We promote growth across our dental clinics with the provision of operational support and financial reward, leaving you more time to practice dentistry, and working together with you towards the continued success of your practice and the dental clinic. In recognition of the successful business that you, the Principal Dentist, have built with your dental practice, we extend an offer to join the Dental Corporation group.

Benefits in your practice joining our network of dental clinics include:

  • Realising the equity within your business
  • Reap financial rewards as your practice and the clinic grows
  • Retain your clinical independence and control of the day to day operations of the dental clinic
  • Focus on dentistry. We provide access to a comprehensive range of support services by operational experts
  • Work with industry leading dentists and network with peers
  • Receive continued professional development for you and for clinic staff
  • Have access to purchasing through Dental Corporation’s online purchasing portal, making it easy to purchase all that a dental clinic needs, when you need it, from reputable suppliers

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