Offer to Dentists

Our Practice Principals have direct responsibility for managing the operations and performance of the dental clinic within which they operate their individual practice. The financial arrangements with Practice Principals mean that they continue to share in the financial performance of the dental clinic in which they practice dentistry. Dental Corporation provides a range of support services to streamline the management of the practice, allowing our dentists to focus on dentistry rather than administrative tasks.

When joining Dental Corporation’s network of dental clinics, Practice Principals receive:

  • Realisation of value in their business: Dental Corporation undertakes a valuation of the existing dental business of a Practice Principal and ensures we offer market competitive consideration for the purchase of their dental business and its assets. 

  • Deferred consideration: A proportion of the value is paid over the first three years and is based on of the profit performance of the dental clinic in which they operate their practice.

  • Incentive based financial arrangements: Practice Principals pay a fee to Dental Corporation for the provision of services and facilities to enable them to focus on the practice of dentistry and management at the dental clinic. Practice Principals are financially rewarded from growth in the revenue of the dental clinic overall (both from their own practice from directly seeing patients and from an attractive bonus structure for continuing to oversee the profitable growth of the dental clinic).

  • Continued clinical management and autonomy: Practice Principals will continue to operate their practice at the dental clinic with absolute clinical independence and, as Practice Principal, will manage the dental clinic on a day-to-day basis with support from Dental Corporation.

  • Access to clinical and business management training: available to assist with the continued growth and efficient management of the dental clinic (CPD points may be available to retain accreditation).

  • Support Services: Dental Corporation provides a comprehensive suite of Payroll, Accounts Payable and Financial Reporting services to the dental clinic and to your individual practice, delivering comprehensive management information on a monthly basis.  In addition, consultative support is provided in the areas of IT, HR, Practice Operations, Management and Marketing as appropriate and/or as requested by the Practice Principals. See a full list of our support services offered here.